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How to feel safe in our body in 2023?

The world has been rocked, and it's time to come back to where we all belong: IN OUR BODIES. After all, they are home.

It's not just about physical health though – it's also about spiritual health. It's all connected. Our body is the vehicle, and our spirit is the driver. When we bring those two together, we can glide through life with more grace and peace.

We need to start listening to our body wisdom. We know it from within. It is a source of yummy goodness that should never be ignored. So how can we get back into this body-spirit combo? We f*cking dance in devotion!

I share my vision for 2023, and I believe that together we can make it come true.

My wish is for us to empower each other to trust our bodies, to embrace our natural sexual energy and embody the multidimensional women that you are.

I observe women, including myself, beeing expected to keep our passions tucked away in the world out there - NO MORE!!!! Let's break these chains! Harness the power that each of us holds inside and allow it to take us wherever we want to go.

Your strength and beauty is powerful, and I know that together, we can create a new wave of self-confidence and trust. The more we do it, the more we enhance this energy in the world.

Let's ban the fears and doubts that are increasing our anxieties and I envision that we will raise up a generation of individuals who know that their worth is unconditional.

Let's break the mold that says that we need permission to feel powerful.

Let's rise as sisters in 2023, feeling safe in our body, trusting in ourselves and supporting one another along the way.

Together we are strong – let's make 2023 the year that we celebrate ourselves, embrace our femininity and become the very best version of ourselves!

Female body standing against wall from behind
How to feel save in your body


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