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How do I get my divine feminine energy back?

In the labyrinth of energies that constitute our being, the divine feminine energy stands as a beacon of grace, resilience, and transformation. This power isn't confined to gender; it's a universal resonance that all humans, irrespective of their biological sex, carry within them. What, then, is this divine feminine energy, and how do I get my divine feminine energy back?

Divine Feminine: Beyond Gender

The divine feminine isn’t just about womanhood. It’s an archetype, a sacred energy, a primal force that represents the qualities of intuition, compassion, emotional depth, and nurturing. It’s the counterbalance to the divine masculine, which emphasizes logic, strength, and assertiveness. Together, they shape the yin-yang of our universe. Think of the divine feminine as the mysterious, intuitive moonlight, while the divine masculine is the assertive, blazing sunlight.

Modern Age and its Thirst for Balance

As we navigate the 21st century, we are at a pivotal juncture. We've made monumental strides in technology, medicine, and communication. Yet, amid this progress, there's a thirst – a collective yearning for balance. As societies globally veer towards aggression, dominance, and hyper-productivity (often associated with unchecked masculine energy), the divine feminine calls us back to equilibrium, reminding us of the importance of empathy, connection, and introspection.

Historical Suppression of Feminine Energy

History isn’t just a sequence of events. It’s an intricate tapestry woven with threads of power dynamics, cultural shifts, and societal norms. As we pull on the thread of feminine energy, we realize it has been systematically suppressed, often masked behind the veils of patriarchy and societal expectations.

Roots of Suppression: Patriarchy's Hold

Ancient civilizations revered the goddess. Temples dedicated to goddesses like Isis, Aphrodite, and Kali showcased the powerful place of the feminine divine in society. However, as time progressed, the advent of patriarchal structures began sidelining this energy. The rise of certain religious ideologies, governance structures, and social systems placed the masculine on a pedestal while pushing the feminine to the shadows.

Societal Norms: The Double Bind

Women, traditionally seen as the primary carriers of feminine energy, found themselves in a paradoxical situation. On one hand, they were celebrated for their nurturing and caring roles within the family. Yet, when they sought to extend their influence outside domestic boundaries, societal norms bristled in resistance. This duality kept many women confined, their divine feminine energy suppressed, lest it challenges the status quo.

Furthermore, men too suffered. Conditioned by societal norms, many men felt the pressure to shun their innate feminine energies, seeing them as weaknesses. This cultural masking led to generations of men disconnected from their emotions, intuition, and empathic abilities.

Shadows to Light: Reclaiming the Suppressed

While the historical trajectory might seem bleak, the latter part of the 20th century ushered in an awakening. Movements advocating for women's rights, gender equality, and spiritual liberation have been working tirelessly to bring the suppressed divine feminine back to the forefront.

As Juliana Arango's life's work underscores, the journey to reclaim our divine feminine energy isn't just about challenging historical suppressions. It's about delving deep within, navigating our personal traumas, and awakening that sacred force within us. For in embracing this power, we're not just healing ourselves; we're healing generations past and future.

Methods of Awakening the Divine Feminine Energy

While the historical suppression of feminine energy may seem like a daunting weight to bear, the ability to awaken and reclaim this energy lies within each of us. But how do we navigate this introspective journey? Here are some tried and tested methods.

Intuitive Practices: Tapping into the Subconscious

At the heart of the divine feminine energy lies intuition, a powerful tool that connects us to our higher selves. Meditation, especially practices like Kundalini Dance™ as facilitated by experts like Juliana Arango, allows us to delve deep into our subconscious, shedding layers of societal conditioning and tapping into raw, authentic feminine energy. These dances aren't just movements but are expressions, allowing one to channel and awaken dormant energies.

Embracing the Womb's Wisdom

The womb is not just a biological organ; it's a potent source of feminine energy and creativity. The "Womb Dance," conceptualized and introduced by Juliana in revered spaces like Holistika in Tulum, is more than a mere dance; it's a ritual. It helps women connect with the innate wisdom of the womb, celebrating it, healing traumas, and rekindling the spark of divine feminine energy.

Nature’s Embrace: Syncing with Mother Earth

One of the most profound ways to reconnect with the divine feminine is to sync with nature. Gaia, or Mother Earth, embodies this energy in its purest form. Regularly spending time in natural settings, embracing the elements – be it the gentle caress of the wind, the grounding touch of the earth, or the soothing sound of flowing water – can help recalibrate our energies. This communion with nature aids in silencing the external noise, allowing the whispers of the divine feminine to be heard clearly.

The Ripple Effects of Embracing the Feminine

Reclaiming and embodying the divine feminine energy doesn't just alter our internal landscapes; it revolutionizes our external world. Here's how.

Deepened Relationships

When one starts operating from a space of empathy, intuition, and authenticity – hallmarks of the divine feminine – relationships transform. The energy promotes genuine connections, fostering understanding, and mutual respect. Romantic partnerships flourish as both individuals, regardless of gender, learn the dance of balance between their divine masculine and feminine energies.

Professional Fulfillment

Contrary to conventional belief, embracing feminine energy in professional settings is not a weakness; it's a strength. Intuition aids in decision-making, empathy fosters team cohesion, and the nurturing aspect of the energy can make one a more compassionate leader. Many women and men have reported enhanced job satisfaction and elevated leadership roles after tapping into this energy.

Holistic Wellness

The benefits aren't just emotional or professional; they're physical as well. Operating from a space of stress, dominance, or aggression (often associated with unbalanced masculine energy) can take a toll on our health. Embracing the divine feminine promotes holistic wellness. It reduces stress, boosts immunity, and fosters mental well-being.

Contribution to Collective Consciousness

Every individual who awakens their divine feminine energy contributes to the global energy grid. It's like a ripple in the vast ocean of collective consciousness. The more people embrace and radiate this energy, the more society shifts towards balance, healing, and transformation. Remember, each awakening isn't just a personal journey; it's a step towards elevating humanity.

Overcoming Obstacles on the Path of Feminine Awakening

Every profound journey encounters challenges, and the path to awakening the divine feminine energy is no exception. Understanding these obstacles can empower us to navigate them with grace and determination.

Social Conditioning and Stereotypes

For eons, society has perpetuated a specific image of femininity, often restrictive and stereotyped. Overcoming these ingrained beliefs requires conscious unlearning and recalibration. Immerse yourself in literature, workshops, and communities that champion the expansive nature of divine femininity. Embrace practices that challenge the norm, like the transformative courses and retreats offered by Juliana Arango, which go beyond the superficial and dive deep into authentic feminine expression.

Internalized Misconceptions

Many women (and men) have internalized beliefs that diminish the value of feminine qualities. Phrases like "Don't be so emotional" or "Being vulnerable is weak" have unconsciously impacted our perception. Reclaiming your power involves recognizing these misconceptions and replacing them with affirmations and beliefs that honor the strength in vulnerability, the wisdom in intuition, and the power in emotional expression.

Embracing the Shadow Self

The journey towards awakening is not just about embracing light but acknowledging the shadow. Dive deep into past traumas, suppressed emotions, and unhealed wounds. Facing them can be daunting, but it's crucial. Consider seeking guidance through spiritual mentorships or retreats that specialize in shadow work and healing, helping to bring the fragmented pieces of self into a harmonious whole.

The Global Resurgence of the Divine Feminine: Joining the Movement

Across the globe, a revolution is underway. Women and men alike are recognizing the imbalances and are actively working to realign with their divine feminine essence. Here's how you can contribute and be part of this collective resurgence.

Become a Beacon of Change

As you undertake this transformative journey, understand that your experience can light the way for others. Share your experiences, insights, and learnings with your community, online platforms, or even through workshops. The ripples you create can spark waves of change.

Engage in Collective Practices

There's immense power in collective energy. Participate in community gatherings, moon circles, or retreats focused on feminine empowerment. When like-minded souls unite with a shared purpose, the amplified energy can catalyze profound shifts.

Support Initiatives and Educate

Whether it's supporting retreats like Alkimia, courses focusing on womb wisdom, or simply buying books that delve into the divine feminine realm, each action matters. Moreover, educating oneself and others about the history, the suppression, and the essence of feminine energy can lead to broader awareness and acceptance.

Collaborate with Leaders in the Field

Teaming up with thought leaders, like Juliana Arango, can enhance the reach and impact of the feminine resurgence movement. Whether it's co-hosting a workshop, participating in retreats, or collaborating on content, joining forces amplifies the message and expands its reach.


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