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Hello, I'm 


I'm the alchemy of love that speaks trough my body mind and spirit


After years of looking for the meaning of feminine energy and why she has been suppressed from society, the feeling awoke in me to yearn to see into the mysteries of feminine energy.

he moment when I felt my Womb and healed my trauma and sexual shame, I could feel her voice coming back to life. This magical portal of creation spoke to me tears of joy, pain, anger, laughter, and ecstasy, simultaneously, I was reclaiming my sexual sovereignty after years of leaking my sexual power and numbness. My connection to the primordial energy (Shakti) and the embodiment of the holy wild women has liberated me from being free and loving all dimensions of the sacred women in me.


hat made me attract and receive my beloved partner in a sacred union and love deeply without fear. Thus I got initiated as a Tantric Shamanic priestess holding the art of sexual alchemical keys to teach from my Womb space and guide other women to embody their feminine energy to reclaim the holy wild women.

Honored with great humility to hold space and facilitate safe spaces where women can go deeper with my sacred offerings retreats, personal experiences, inner marriage ceremonies, ecstatic Kundalini Dance, shamanic Womb Awakening, and 1:1 mentorships.

All these practices guide women to embody their femininity, unite with the divine masculine, and assist in the Rising of Humanity.


Marianna from Quebec


I have been to a couple of Juliana's workshops, and I can genuinely say with all my heart that I have experienced some of the most beautiful realizations in her womb dance classes.


I am very selective & mindful when I choose a facilitator, especially in this line of work, and I would recommend Juliana's pure guidance to anyone who is seeking a safe space to let out their inner wildness.

Stephanie from California


Juliana's Womb Dance class is ever-present in her divine embodiment of self. Her dedication to service and gift of creating & holding space for others is unparalleled. The freedom of expression I've experienced in her class while connecting deeper with my Womb has opened up my softness within. dancing with the raw & unaltered version of me has led to profound healing and take-aways that I've merged into my daily devotional practices. always going deeper & revealing more wisdom & truth, her class is pure magic & you feel it deep in your soul.

Michelle from California


Juliana's teachings are so powerful and profound. Her grounding and beautiful energy allows space to open up and fully receive the wisdom of this work. Each session with her something new unfolds. I had been feeling some dense energy in my sacral chakra, something | had been holding onto for quite some time, and during a private session that energy moved and it was peacefully released. She supported me through it with such ease and grace. Thank you Juliana!


Juliana is doing is pure magic. I've never experienced anything like this before. She cultivates a safe space to express and to heal. Being able to do this in the presence of her, and other sisters, is beyond words. It has impacted me by allowing me to release a lot of things, allowing me to truly be embodied and listen to my body without caring what others think, and to connect more with the feminine energy. This has had profound impacts in my personal life and business, and I look forward to continuing this practice with Juliana soon!


As I step into my highest expression of divine feminine the most powerful masculine structures have shown up to back me in the most wholesome and extensive support and love that I did not think existed in the world.


We have all transcended all the wounding of the world and went straight into heaven on earth states paving a path for them all to follow. I have never felt so powerful so beautiful and so safe.


Juliana is the shining, loving, and powerful embodiment of goddess energy and a true master of her craft.


Working with her both online and in person has helped me clear out old stories and unlock truths that my body and soul had not forgotten. She is the real deal. I always learn so much from Juliana - she is my divine feminine guide!

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