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How can I practice feeling safe in my body?

In the sacred dance of existence, the triad of mind, spirit, and body interweaves with harmonious intent. Akin to the universe's undulating rhythm, our bodies resonate with the universe's deeper truths, echoing the primordial wisdom inherent in every cell. At the epicenter of this cosmic waltz lies a vital inquiry: How can I practice feeling safe in my body?

Embodying safety is more than a transient state of comfort; it is the bedrock upon which the pillars of self-love and personal power are erected. This introspective journey of finding safety within illuminates the path to reconnecting with our intrinsic strength, grace, and power. In an era where external circumstances constantly challenge our equilibrium, it becomes indispensable to be rooted in one's body, to harbor a sanctuary of trust and security from within.

The profound nature of this embodiment goes beyond mere awareness. It is a visceral, felt experience, a conscious merging with the deepest recesses of our being. As we navigate the corridors of life, feeling secure in our bodies becomes our North Star, guiding us through uncertainties, grounding us in turbulent times, and anchoring our spirits in the boundless ocean of existence.

The Roots of Disconnection: Identifying Barriers to Feeling Safe

The tapestry of human existence is interlaced with intricate patterns, some of which are residues of historical and societal norms that have, for eons, suppressed the raw, unrestrained essence of feminine energy. This suppression hasn't merely been a stifling of expression; it's severed our innate connection to the wisdom of our bodies, especially the sacred feminine.

Trauma, both collective and personal, has played a pivotal role in this disconnection. Whether originating from societal norms, personal experiences, or ancestral baggage, trauma insidiously infiltrates our psyche. It establishes barriers, creating a chasm between our conscious selves and the primal wisdom of our physical being. The residue of these experiences can manifest as tension, apprehension, and an overarching feeling of not being 'at home' in our own skin.

To comprehend the full magnitude of this disconnection, we must journey back through time, tracing the footprints of matriarchal civilizations where the goddess was revered, and the body was viewed as a temple. As the pendulum of history swung towards patriarchal dominance, the sanctity of the body, especially the female form, was often disregarded. This historical backdrop, juxtaposed with personal traumas many face, compounds the challenge of feeling secure in one’s body in the modern era.

Yet, it's crucial to remember: awareness is the first step to transformation. By understanding these roots, we set the foundation for a return journey, a pilgrimage back to the safety of our bodily temple.

The Womb: A Portal of Creation and Healing

One of the most sacred reservoirs of feminine energy lies within the womb. Historically, civilizations revered it as a nexus between the earthly and the ethereal, symbolizing creation, transformation, and rebirth. The womb isn't merely a physical organ; it's a transcendent space echoing with ancestral wisdom, a conduit linking the tangible and the intangible.

Awakening womb wisdom isn't merely a figurative expression. It represents the conscious act of reconnecting with this profound source of intuition, creativity, and power. In many ancient traditions, the womb is recognized as the seat of Shakti or primordial energy, a force that when tapped into, can catalyze profound healing and transformation.

This transformative power isn't exclusive; it beckons every individual, especially those identifying with the feminine energy, to immerse in its depths. The first step? Deep introspection, listening to the womb's subtle rhythms, its joys, pains, and desires. Through this process, one can reclaim their intrinsic sexual sovereignty, reviving suppressed energies and embracing a more holistic sense of self.

Embracing Kundalini Dance and Shamanic Womb Awakening

In the dynamic spectrum of embodiment practices, Kundalini Dance and shamanic womb awakening stand out as potent modalities to rekindle our connection to our bodies. The art of Kundalini Dance, deeply interwoven with ancient tantric wisdom, serves as a kinetic meditation, channeling the dormant Kundalini energy.

This serpentine energy, when activated, ascends through the chakras, unblocking and revitalizing them, fostering a deeper bond with the self and the universe. Integrating this dance with womb awakening, one can unravel layers of suppressed emotions, traumas, and barriers, paving the way for enhanced bodily safety and empowerment.

Shamanic womb awakening, meanwhile, delves into ancestral wisdom and practices. This journey, often facilitated by seasoned practitioners like Juliana Arango, enables participants to immerse in the womb's boundless depths. Rituals, ceremonies, and guided meditations foster an environment where one can converse with their womb, heal past traumas, and celebrate the divine feminine.

Coupled with Kundalini Dance, this tandem of practices becomes a beacon for those yearning for a more profound, genuine connection to their bodies. Not merely a therapeutic exercise, it's a celebration, a jubilant dance of self-discovery, acceptance, and love.

Each twirl, step, and breath taken during these practices become a testament to one's commitment to feeling safe, cherished, and honored in their own skin. It’s a symphony of movement and stillness, of sound and silence, guiding us back to the sanctuary of our bodies.

The Alchemy of Inner Marriage: Uniting the Divine Feminine and Masculine

In our journey towards feeling safe within our bodies, we must confront and embrace both the divine feminine and masculine energies that reside within us. This dual existence is not about gender, but rather the energies and attributes that both forces symbolize. The divine feminine is often associated with intuition, nurturing, and openness, while the divine masculine is linked to assertiveness, logic, and protection.

The path to inner harmony is the alchemical process of inner marriage - a union of these seemingly contrasting energies. When one dominantly overshadows the other, it may manifest as feelings of imbalance, insecurity, or disconnection from oneself. By acknowledging and fostering both energies, we can craft a harmonious inner dialogue that promotes safety and understanding.

This union is symbolically celebrated in inner marriage ceremonies, where participants vow to honor, love, and integrate both aspects of themselves. It's a transformative ritual, signifying a commitment to holistic self-love and deep internal balance.

The Rising of Humanity: Your Role and Responsibility

As we tread on this path of self-realization and embodiment, it's vital to recognize our integral role in the collective evolution. The personal transformations we undergo resonate beyond our individual realms, influencing the collective consciousness.

When one person embarks on this journey towards bodily safety and holistic self-love, they inadvertently inspire others to follow suit. It's a ripple effect; your transformative journey can serve as a beacon of hope and motivation for others. Embodying your feminine energy, uniting with the divine masculine, and genuinely feeling safe in your body contributes significantly to what many refer to as the "Rising of Humanity."

It's a shift from disconnected, fragmented existences to cohesive, connected, and collaborative living. As practitioners, mentors, or simply individuals on this path, it's our sacred duty to facilitate and bolster this rising. Every step we take, every realization we come to, and every barrier we overcome pushes humanity closer to a collective awakening.

In essence, by prioritizing our internal safety and well-being, we're not only serving ourselves but playing a pivotal role in the grand tapestry of human evolution.


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