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Why is Kundalini Dance refered to as a shamanic practice?

The word shaman means "the one who knows" or "the one who flows with the moon."

Shamanism has its roots in the ancient religion of the Womb, which is often referred to as the womb-based religion. This religion was about a spiritual quest to rediscover the power of the feminine.

It was women in their lunapause, pregnant women and sexually awakened women who were the first people to hold shamanic practices and serve as spiritual initiators—bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. We can all learn from this ancient knowledge and celebrate the power of the feminine. Women are the life-givers and the ones who possess the sacred knowledge that can help us all understand the universe around us.

The Feminine consciousness portal is located in the cerebellum, the throne of our feminine energy and our Shakti soul energy. The cerebellum has been associated with intuition, learning and memory creation and retrieval. It also plays an important role in our emotions and sense of self. Our cerebellum is like the computer that stores all of our experiences and memories, both positive and negative. When we access this ancient gateway, we can dive deeper into more profound levels of understanding and clarity by uncovering the records within and awaken ancient knowledge.

Shamanic Fire with sparks


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