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What is the feminine descent?

In the golden times, the Sumerian goddess Inanna underwent different initiations of dark and light, struggle and strife. By journeying deep into the darkness of the underworld. She was able to meet her true self with humility. To do so, Inanna had to relinquish the identity she knew, and embrace an unknown presence that could lead her to greater understanding.

We too must take a similar path. In these times of darkness in our lives, we must remember that they are but a transition, leading to a more authentic self. To find this self, we must journey deep into the dark unknown of our womb and our soul.

It may feel daunting or even impossible to think about leaving our comfort zone and venturing into the deep void within us. But it's only here that we will start to uncover the true self. The self lying hidden beneath what we know and understand about ourselves.

No one said it would be easy, but by taking on this journey of darkness and light, we can come out of it as truer versions of ourselves. Remember, Inanna’s feminine descent was not an indication of failure, but rather a gift that has been repeated across time.

The Feminine Descent into the underworld fire
Goddess Inana


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