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What is Kundalini Dance?

This ancient Tantric practice brings the Divine feminine and masculine energies into perfect harmony by allowing to tap into the power of Shakti and Shiva, the Divine feminine and masculine energies that are within us all. As we move through each chakra, we can allow ourselves to enter into a sacred space of inner union and explore our higher truth and infinite potential. This divine union creates an alchemical key that can be used to unlock the dormant energy stored within us and raise our vibration to a higher level.

The process involves grounding ourselves into the core of the earth's energy, connecting our womb to the earth's womb, and then rising that energy up through all of our chakras to awaken our inner power. This can be a powerful experience, not only allowing us to release any stuck or stagnant energy, but also providing an opportunity to bring our conscious and unconscious awareness into alignment with our higher energetic truth. We learn how to move energy through our body and how to stay connected to our inner truth. The practice of dancing in a group can be both primal and ecstatic, while allowing us to share the collective energy of each dancer as we move together in perfect harmony.

If you are interested to know more about what kundalini Dance is, go ahead and download my free Kundalini Dance Introduction Dance Video.

Kundalini Dance in Holistica Tulum


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