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How to open my heart?

The heart is more than just a vital organ that pumps blood. It's the epicenter of our emotions, our passions, and the very essence of our spirit. "But how to open my heart?", you may ask. In the realm of spiritual growth and self-awareness, the act of heart-opening is akin to unlocking the door to one's true self, revealing an existence rooted in love, compassion, and genuine connection. Many spiritual traditions, from ancient Eastern philosophies to modern Western practices, emphasize the significance of a heart-centered approach to life. Not merely a metaphor, living with an open heart can drastically influence our mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.

As we journey through the layers of our soul and self, the heart emerges as the bridge between our earthly experiences and ethereal aspirations. It binds us in the here and now, with the grand cosmic dance of the universe. But, to dance, one needs to be free, unburdened, and that brings us to understanding why so many of us have closed hearts.

Understanding the Closed Heart

Over centuries, societal constructs, personal traumas, and historical narratives have collectively built walls around our hearts. We've been conditioned to believe that vulnerability is synonymous with weakness, leading many to harden, to shield their emotions, to avoid the pain of past wounds or the potential pain of new ones.

A closed heart often manifests in tangible ways: resistance to new experiences, difficulty in expressing or even recognizing emotions, and a persistent feeling of being 'stuck' or 'unfulfilled.' These symptoms are mere reflections of deeper, internal barriers—sometimes self-imposed, often inherited from generational traumas or societal norms.

The price we pay for this protective mechanism is steep. With a closed heart, we limit our capacity for genuine connection - with ourselves, others, and the universe at large. We find solace in the predictable, even if it's tinged with melancholy. We may avoid potential hurt, but in the process, we also sidestep joy, love, and the profound beauty of human connection.

Reclaiming the wholeness of our being requires an honest introspection into these barriers. Like peeling an onion, we must shed the layers of fear, doubt, and past traumas. The journey isn't linear; it demands patience, love, and, most importantly, the willingness to venture into the caverns of one's soul. For it's in these caverns that we discover the locks that keep our heart closed, and the keys to setting it free.

Journey into the Womb: The Link Between Heart and Feminine Energy

Our hearts, while incredibly influential, do not operate in isolation. The energy centers, or chakras, of our body are inextricably linked, each affecting the other. The womb, often dubbed the sacral chakra or Svadhisthana, is particularly connected to our heart chakra. This relationship is the fusion of our emotions (heart) and our innate, creative life-force (womb).

Ancient practices like the "Womb Dance" echo the whispers of our ancestors, reminding us of the wisdom inherent within the womb. Kundalini Dance™, a transformative embodiment practice, bridges this age-old wisdom with modern sensibilities. It aids individuals, especially women, in awakening the dormant energies within, encouraging a harmonious dance between the heart and womb.

In places of spiritual reverence like Holistika in Tulum, Mexico, women gather to experience this sacred dance. It's more than just rhythmic movements; it's a ceremonial act of reconnection. By engaging in such practices, one can harness the raw, primal feminine energy, channeling it towards the heart, dissolving barriers and instigating deep, internal healing.

Practical Steps to Open the Heart

Having understood the symbiotic relationship between our heart and womb, and the importance of feminine energy, the next pivotal step is integration into daily practice. The real magic lies in consistency and conscious engagement. Here are tangible ways to cultivate an open heart:

- Breathwork: Often overlooked, our breath is a powerful tool for transformation. Techniques such as pranayama can be employed to balance our energies, fostering a sense of calm and openness. When our breath flows freely, our emotions are less likely to be stagnant, and our heart remains open to experiences.

- Meditation: Deep, introspective meditation can unveil the layers of protection we've built around our hearts. Techniques focusing on heart chakra, like the Anahata meditation, can be particularly beneficial. They guide our awareness, illuminating blockages and granting us the clarity to navigate them.

- Rituals and Inner Marriage Ceremonies: Rituals are symbolic acts that ground our intentions. Incorporating heart-opening rituals in daily life, such as lighting a candle with the intent of love, can serve as potent reminders of our commitment. Inner marriage ceremonies, where one commits to unconditionally loving and honoring themselves, can be transformative. It's a conscious union of the feminine and masculine energies within us, fostering harmony and self-acceptance.

- Ecstatic Kundalini Dance and Shamanic Womb Awakening: Engaging in practices like the Kundalini Dance or Shamanic Womb Awakening is not just about physical movement. They become portals, allowing one to tap into their primal, raw energy, facilitating a heart-opening experience from a place of genuine authenticity.

- Journaling: An often-underestimated tool, journaling can serve as a reflective mirror, providing insights into our heart's deepest desires and fears. By confronting and articulating these emotions, we can better understand the barriers around our heart and work towards dismantling them.

- Nature and Earth Connection: Mother Earth is a reservoir of unconditional love and grounding energy. Spending time in nature, be it forests, beaches, or mountains, can be profoundly healing. As we reconnect with the Earth, we are subtly reminded of our interconnectedness, urging our hearts to remain open and receptive.

As we integrate these practices into our lives, it's vital to approach them with patience and self-compassion. The journey to an open heart is unique to each individual, filled with moments of profound revelation and challenges. However, armed with dedication and genuine intent, every soul can find its way back to a heart that beats freely, lovingly, and openly.

Embracing the Divine Masculine Within

In the dance of life, an open heart thrives when it's harmoniously tuned to both the feminine and masculine energies. While the feminine aspect, Shakti, connects with intuition, nurture, and receptivity, the masculine, or Shiva, aligns with action, protection, and structure. Both are essential in our holistic heart-opening journey.

The divine masculine isn't about gender but energy. It's about grounding and protection. As we delve deep into heart-opening practices, we often expose vulnerabilities. The divine masculine steps in, providing the safe container for this deep, emotional work.

Practical steps to nurture the divine masculine:

- Setting Boundaries: This isn't about closing off but safeguarding the heart. Boundaries can be equated to a garden fence, protecting the delicate flowers (our emotions) within.

- Mindful Action: Heart intentions are potent, but without action, they remain dreams. Embrace tasks that mirror your heart's desires, manifesting them into reality.

- Grounding Practices: Activities like Tai Chi, Qigong, and even simple walking meditations help anchor our energies, marrying the ethereal aspirations of the heart with tangible reality.

The Lifelong Commitment to an Open Heart

Opening the heart isn't a one-time event; it's a continuous journey. It evolves, wanes, and flourishes as we move through life's multifaceted experiences. However, its benefits—authentic connections, inner peace, and genuine self-expression—are invaluable.

Maintaining an open heart requires:

- Continuous Learning: Embrace teachings from guides and mentors like Juliana Arango, who bring forth ancient wisdom in a modern, relatable manner.

- Regular Energy Checks: Engage in self-reflective practices to ascertain your heart's status. When you feel it closing off, dig deep into the roots of this reaction.

- Community: Surround yourself with like-minded souls, individuals on a similar path. They'll act as mirrors, reflecting areas of growth and strength.

- Flexibility: Life will test the openness of your heart. Stay flexible. Adapt. Remember, an open heart isn't about being unguarded but being receptive.

To open one's heart is to embark on the most rewarding adventure of human experience. It's a journey of raw authenticity, filled with highs and lows. Yet, with dedication, guidance, and an unwavering commitment to growth, the heart becomes a beacon, radiating love, compassion, and pure, undiluted joy.


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