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How do you have a Sacred Relationship?

When I am doing my workshops together with more advanced students, I sometimes hear them talk about "Sacred Relationships". But how do you have a Sacred Relationship?, you may ask.

While mainstream society often focuses on the physical and emotional aspects of relationships, sacred relationships delve deeper. They touch the spiritual, inviting us to explore the mystic realms of our being. This is a path for the courageous, for those willing to journey into their innermost selves, unraveling layers of conditioned beliefs to reclaim their innate wholeness.

Understanding Sacred Relationships: What Makes a Relationship Sacred?

A sacred relationship is much more than a union between two individuals. It's a profound intertwining of souls, a dance of divine energies that nurtures spiritual growth, self-love, and intimate connection. These relationships embody a deep-seated respect and appreciation for the divinity in one another. In a sacred relationship, love isn't merely an emotion; it becomes a form of spiritual practice, a path to awakening and transformation.

One vital component that characterizes a sacred relationship is the commitment to mutual growth. In these bonds, partners commit to support each other's spiritual evolution, serving as mirrors that reflect each other's light and shadows. They provide safe spaces for each other to unravel, heal, and grow. This commitment transcends physical togetherness; it's an anchoring in the shared goal of inner transformation and awakening.

Another essential element of a sacred relationship is conscious communication. This involves expressing oneself authentically and listening deeply with an open heart. It's about voicing not just joys but also fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. Conscious communication cultivates trust and intimacy, fostering a deeper connection between partners.

Intimate embodiment is another hallmark of sacred relationships. It involves tapping into the wisdom of the body, acknowledging and honoring one's sensual and sexual energies. This can be cultivated through practices like the Womb Dance, which awaken and channel the primal Shakti energy. In sacred relationships, intimate embodiment serves as a gateway to profound connection, allowing partners to meet not just at the level of the mind or heart but also at the level of the soul.

Finally, sacred relationships are rooted in self-love. They recognize that only when we love ourselves deeply can we truly love another. In a sacred relationship, self-love isn't a destination but an ongoing journey, a continuous process of self-discovery and self-appreciation.

The Pillars of a Sacred Relationship

At the core of every sacred relationship are pillars that support its strength and longevity. These pillars, like the roots of a mighty oak tree, anchor the relationship, providing stability amidst the winds of change and uncertainty. Let's delve into these pillars, each one a stepping-stone on the path to deeper connection and spiritual growth.

The first pillar is Honesty. Honesty in a sacred relationship goes beyond telling the truth. It encompasses being genuine about your emotions, thoughts, and vulnerabilities. It's about laying your soul bare to your partner, inviting them into your innermost sanctum without fear or hesitation. It's an act of courage that paves the way for profound intimacy and connection.

The second pillar is Understanding. In sacred relationships, understanding goes deeper than comprehending your partner's words. It involves perceiving their emotions, empathizing with their experiences, and resonating with their soul. It's about seeing through their eyes, feeling with their heart, and journeying with them through their peaks and valleys.

The third pillar is Love. But this isn't love as society often portrays it. It's not possession or obsession, nor is it solely based on physical attraction. Love, in a sacred relationship, is an expansive, unconditional feeling that permeates every interaction. It's the love that sees, accepts, and honors the divine in the other.

The fourth pillar is Forgiveness. In the dance of sacred relationships, missteps are inevitable. When they occur, forgiveness serves as the healing balm that mends wounds and restores harmony. It's the readiness to let go of resentment and anger, freeing the heart for deeper love and connection.

The final pillar is Spiritual Growth. In a sacred relationship, partners commit to their mutual spiritual evolution. Their bond serves as a catalyst, igniting their inner growth, and inspiring them to embody their highest selves.

Embodying the Goddess: How Your Inner Transformation Influences Your Relationships

Every journey begins from within, and the journey towards a sacred relationship is no exception. As the renowned transformational priestess and Kundalini Dance facilitator, Juliana, explains, the key to experiencing profound, meaningful connections lies in awakening the goddess within.

Embodying the goddess is about recognizing and embracing the divine feminine energy that resides within us. It's about channeling this primal force, allowing it to guide our actions, our thoughts, and our relationships. This divine energy, also known as Shakti, is the source of our creativity, intuition, and sensuality. It's the force that connects us to the rhythms of the earth, the phases of the moon, and the cycles of life.

When we embrace our goddess energy, we begin to see ourselves in a new light. We recognize our worth, our beauty, our strength. We understand that we are not just human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience. This shift in perception has a profound impact on our relationships.

In our interactions, we begin to radiate the qualities of the goddess – compassion, wisdom, strength, and love. We become more authentic, more present, more connected. We create space for deep, intimate connections, inviting others to join us in our dance of divine embodiment.

Embodying the goddess also enhances our capacity for self-love, a critical component of sacred relationships. As we honor our divine femininity, we cultivate a deep, abiding love for ourselves. This self-love then overflows, enriching our relationships with our inner Divine Musculine and Divine Feminine and nurturing our spiritual growth.

Practical Strategies for Cultivating a Sacred Relationship

While understanding the principles of a sacred relationship is important, practical application is crucial. We need to embody these principles in our daily interactions, infusing our relationships with the spirit of sacredness. Here are some strategies that can help in this journey.

First, cultivate Mindful Communication. Deepen your connection with your partner by sharing your thoughts, emotions, and dreams openly. Listen attentively, responding with empathy and understanding. Use your words to uplift, to heal, and to express love.

Second, engage in Regular Connection Rituals. These could be as simple as sharing a cup of tea every morning, or as profound as meditating together. Regular rituals foster a rhythm of connection, nurturing the bond between you and your partner.

Third, practice Sexual Alchemy. This involves using your sexual energy not only for physical pleasure but also for emotional intimacy and spiritual growth. Juliana Arango, a renowned Tantric Shamanic Priestess, emphasizes the transformative power of sexual alchemy in sacred relationships.

Finally, invest in Self-Care. Remember, your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all your other relationships. Nurture your body, nourish your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit. Your vibrant energy will naturally enhance your relationships.


Having a sacred relationship is not about reaching a final destination. Rather, it’s an ongoing journey, a continual dance of mutual growth, understanding, and love. Every moment presents an opportunity for deepening your connection and embodying the principles of a sacred relationship.

This journey can be challenging, but it’s also deeply rewarding. As you navigate the twists and turns, remember to be patient with yourself and your partner. Honor your progress, celebrate your victories, and learn from your setbacks. Your shared commitment to growth and evolution will guide you through the challenges, leading you towards the sacred union you seek.

As you journey towards a sacred relationship, remember that you are not alone. There are guides like Juliana , dedicated to supporting you in this sacred endeavor. They offer wisdom, insights, and practices that can illuminate your path and enrich your journey.

Above all, remember that the sacred relationship you seek begins with you. It begins with recognizing your divine essence, with awakening the goddess within. It begins with cultivating self-love, self-respect, and self-understanding. Carry these truths in your heart, let them guide your steps, and you will find the sacred relationship you seek.

Remember this: A sacred relationship is more than a bond between two people. It’s a divine union, a symphony of souls, a beautiful dance of love, inviting you to step onto the sacred dance floor of life, hand in hand with your beloved.


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