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History of Kundalini dance and Kundalini Energy?

It's an ancient practice that’s becoming increasingly popular in the western world. You may be wondering what Kundalini Dance is, and why it’s becoming so popular.

Kundalini is an ancient Hindu term used to refer to the vital or spiritual force within us, which is believed to be stored at the base of the spine in yogic traditions. As the energy awakens and rises up through the spine it travels up through each of our seven main chakras and grants us deep understanding and insight into our spiritual paths.

The awakening of kundalini energy can be both a powerful and humbling experience. As the energy ascends, many practitioners feel a deep sense of rejuvenation and bliss. The rise of kundalini energy is said to bring with it physical and mental healing, as well as spiritual awakening. However, it is important to be aware that this process can be both challenging and rewarding in equal measure, and should be undertaken with great care.

Kundalini energy can be awakened through various practices such as movement, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga, mantra chanting and visualization techniques. Through these practices we cultivate and embody the spiritual power that is our own inner light.

Kundalini Dance is a unique and powerful form of movement that has been used throughout history to help people experience a deeper connection to their spiritual self. This practice came to light in 1989, when the founder Leyolah Antara visited an Aboriginal sacred site in the Western desert of Australia. During her visit, and personal ceremony, she was blessed with a vision from the Divine Feminine to develop a dance practice to serve the collective awakening.

This powerful practice can help us reconnect with our highest selves through conscious movement and breathwork, allowing us to release old patterns and energies that no longer serve us. It serves as a spiritual tool to help us discover inner strength and increase our capacity for self-healing. Kundalini Dance works on both the physical and energetic bodies, creating harmony between them and helping to create balance in our lives.

With this practice we can explore new avenues of self-exploration, deepening our connection to our highest divine self and greater clarity about who we are and what our spiritual purpose is in this life. As we move and dance through the sacred choreography, we can experience a greater level of self love and acceptance that helps us embrace the journey of personal growth and expansion.

It is a beautiful practice that is open to all levels of experience. If you're looking for a meaningful way to move your body, reconnect with your spirit and explore your inner depths, this might be the practice for you. Experience the power of this dance and allow it to transform your life today.

Kundalini Energy around the Chakras


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