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Unleash Your

Inner Queen

Dive into Pleasure and Reclaim the Love You Deserve!


Are you feeling that your life lacks excitement and flow? Do you yearn for more aliveness and pleasure, for an abundance of joy, and a deeper connection to your intuition and inner power?

Imagine pausing for a moment to truly feel all your senses and understand how you truly are. You are ready to embrace life with open arms, welcoming all the sensations and risks of love.

By choosing yourself again, you show a profound willingness, commitment, and self-love. You are ready to bloom from the inside out, fully owning the feminine aspect that loves deeply, embraces pleasure, and shares her abundant gifts freely.

No longer will you suppress yourself out of fear of losing love. Instead, you are ready to be present in the moment, creating a sanctuary where you can soak up the beauty and sensations around you.

Feel the deep desire to show up in your power, refusing to compromise or settle for less. You want to rebirth and authentically experience all the pleasure and emotions within you—the light and the shadow.

You're tired of holding it all together alone as a strong, independent woman. You long for deep emotional intimacy with the world around you. Now, you are ready to surrender to love and trust in the wisdom of your body.

It's time to invite more aliveness and pleasure into your life. Welcome to a journey of profound self-discovery and connection.

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I see you! 

That's why I've created this 3-day Masterclass, so you can create a new relationship with the lover inside you. 


Nourish yourself and unlock the potential of multi-orgasmic energy

Embrace your natural sexuality without shame or judgment

Hold your power and confidently say no to what doesn't serve love or self-love

Say a spontaneous and enthusiastic yes to life

Merge soft sensuality with fierce love


Embrace your truth as a source of feminine power and authenticity

Foster open, honest, and soulful connections with your beloved or lover

Prioritize pleasure for healing, both internally and externally

Awaken a deeper understanding of yourself and the collective

Release shame and preconceived notions to fully embrace your essence


Radiate magnetic energy to attract abundance

Soften into femininity and nurture deep connections with the masculine

Cultivate self-love and self-honor

Become a woman who deeply loves and honors herself

Connect with your inner lover and co-create with Life, Earth, and Cosmos

Share your unique beauty and presence with the world, guided by intuition

Trust your body's wisdom to fulfill your needs and desires

"The lover is here teach you to gather your thoughts, create healthy boundaries, and love all parts of yourself, including those that feel scary, abandoned, or neglected"


It involves letting go of shame and all the preconceived notions that have prevented you from seeing yourself fully. Remember the magic you once felt and bring her back to fullness and expression.

Pleasure is the ability to feel all that is around us. Pleasure gives us the space to invite a deeper connection to ourselves. It opens us up to receive wisdom and the river of abundance. Pleasure provides a space for self-love.

Pleasure is not about losing yourself; it is about gathering yourself. Pleasure allows us to manifest and bring the energy of pure bliss into this reality. It awakens a deeper knowing of who we are, both individually and collectively. The more pleasure you allow yourself to receive, the more vibrant your life will become. Embrace your inner lover.


Awaken your inner Queen?

Co-create with your beloved and trust the Masculine?

Call all parts of You back into your Power?

Rewrite your story of pleasure as your birthright?

Reclaim your Erotic Innocence?

Feel safe and open your body to receive Love?

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Day 1
Witness the Shadow
of Love

  • This gate offers solace to the lover who has endured pain

  • It offers comfort to the lover who is always left and unseen.

  • It supports the lover who has always been present yet unnoticed in the background.

  • The inner lover is here to offer abundant love.​

  • This is where we see parts of ourselves that we have not seen before.​

  • We must first foresee and go through this tunnel of pain.

  • We must see the heart's truth and acknowledge who we have sacrificed along the way and who we have been dishonest with or ignored.

  • In seeing those barriers, we confront our inner shadows that lie beneath the surface of love.



  Day 2
Rebirth the Portal
of Pleasure

  • Rebirth comes through moments of seeing love inside us.

  • This love, hidden under the crumbles of the shadow, emerges through a portal of awakening sensation.

  • Feel the lightness in your body as you breathe deeply, experiencing the life force energy as if for the first time.

  • Feel the initial touch, the first breath, and the first sensation of pleasure in your body.

  • Awaken those sensations as we explore deeper shadows of shame and pleasure, allowing ourselves to sink deeper into the light.

  • Experience the sensation of everything and nothing at the same time as we explore and undergo a beautiful rebirth.

  • This rebirth brings more light, breath, fullness, and receptivity, enhancing the lightness in your body.



Day 3
Resurrect the Lover through 

  • Feel the full embodiment of incredible pleasure that lies within you.

  • Experience this new vision  as you walk through the portals of death and rebirth.

  • Be present in yourself as you reclaim all parts of you, seeing both the light and the shadow within.

  • Invite these parts to come together, merge, and love.

  • Emerge and love the pleasure of erotic energy, powerful energy moving through your body.

  • Feel that love becoming home in your body, embracing the inner Queen inside you.

  • Explore the sensations of awakening, seeing beyond, and embodying essence, purity, and love.

  • Consider how you will love from here, how you will see yourself and others as you walk in this reclamation of your lover.



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Nebel von oben_edited_edited_edited_edit
decorative element embrace the full energy of life, and remove all distractions that take me away from pleasure, that numb me from my self-love

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This is an online, live 3-day Journey. 


June 17th, 19th, 21st at

5pm Madrid time

8am PDT

11 am EDT time


With replays sent to you so you can go back to the content at any time.


“Juliana's teachings are so powerful and profound. Her grounding and beautiful energy allows space to open up and fully receive the wisdom of this work. Each session with her something new unfolds. I had been feeling some dense energy in my sacral chakra, something | had been holding onto for quite some time, and during a private session that energy moved and it was peacefully released. She supported me through it with such ease and grace. Thank you Juliana!

What women say about

Experiences with Juliana

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